Improve Ability to Give Class

Improve Your Ability to Give Class from Shastra

By HG Urmila Devi


Lesson Links:



Sastra Class 101 for Preachers and Teachers


Some basic principles that will dynamically improve your classes

Learn the system of Passage–principle–personalize–persuade and practice with some specific examples .Make your classes focused, relevant, and with plans for listeners’ actions



Sastra Class 201 for Preachers and Teachers


Advanced principles that will dynamically improve your classes

Learn the system of Focus (core), Pay Attention (Unexpected) Understand and Remember (Concrete) Agree/Believe (Credible), Care (Emotional) Be able to act on it (Story) Develop deeper focus and relevance, with classes your audience will be able to remember and apply.



Sastra Class 301 for Preachers and Teachers


Teaching to Peoples’ Real Needs

Anyone who teaches or preaches anything to anyone will find much useful information and practical guidelines in this seminar. Are those whom we teach eager to learn, and begging us for more? Do those who attend our classes feel that what we are teaching is relevance and helpful for their lives? If you’re a classroom teacher or give Bhagavatam classes, this presentation can revolutionize your effectiveness.



About the Speaker:

HG Urmila Devi

HG Urmila Devi

Srimati Urmila Devi Dasi is a scholar and leader of the Vaisnava community within ISKCON. In the academic community she is a doctor of Educational Leadership from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and author of a guide for school leadership and instruction author of dozens of articles on education, an international educational consultant and curriculum director. Within the Vaisnava community she travels the world renowned as an articulate international speaker on the philosophy of Krishna Consciousness. Srimati Urmila is a member of ISKCON’s GBC Sastric Advisory Council and an Associate Editor of Back to Godhead Magazine.