Social Dynamics in the Spiritual Community

Mar 6, 2019

Tulasi Krishna Devi Dasi

March 6, 2019

Social Dynamics in the Spiritual Community

A Seminar navigating the psycho-dynamics of ISKCON, a practical approach to cultivating compassion.

This is a seminar by Tulasi Krishna Devi Dasi exploring social and psychological problems from a sastric and clinical perspective, with the aim of improving relationships within the ISKCON community. By better understanding what drives troublesome behaviors and thought patterns, we can be more tolerant of ourselves and others. By seeing ourselves as interconnected to others through Krishna, we can tap into deeper compassion and appreciation.  We will discuss the importance of healthy devotee relationships as a means for healing and spiritual growth, and how Srila Prabhupada has given us the model and the tools with which to sustain a loving community to practice bhakti together. 



About the speaker

Tulasi Krishna Devi Dasi

Tulasi Krishna Devi Dasi

Boise, Idaho

Tulasi Krishna Devi Dasi was born and raised in Boise, ID. She first met devotees at a rainbow gathering in 2001, the summer after graduating from high school. Tulasi was initiated by H. H. Gopal Krishna Goswami in 2003. She commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the Army after graduating from Boise State University in 2009. She completed her Master of Social Work degree in 2010 and served 5 years in the Active Duty Army as a Social Work Officer, where she earned her Independent Clinical Social Work License and was promoted to Captain. She was stationed on Oahu from 2013-2016 and worked as a Brigade Social Worker, counseling Soldiers and working with command teams at Schofield Barracks. During her time on Oahu she also connected with the Honolulu devotees and was an active part of the New Navadwip temple. She left the Army and returned to the Boise area in 2016, where she currently lives with her husband Scott and almost three year old daughter Keli.  

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