Śrīmad Bhāgavatam Canto Four

SB 4.5.5 -7

Jan 7, 2019

HG Narahari Prabhu

January 7, 2019
SB 4.6.5 — You have excluded Lord Śiva from taking part in the sacrificial results, and therefore you are all offenders at his lotus feet. Still, if you go without mental reservations and surrender unto him and fall down at his lotus feet, he will be very pleased.
SB 4.6.6 — Lord Brahmā also advised them that Lord Śiva is so powerful that by his anger all the planets and their chief controllers can be destroyed immediately. Also, he said that Lord Śiva was especially sorry because he had recently lost his dear wife and was also very much afflicted by the unkind words of Dakṣa. Under the circumstances, Lord Brahmā suggested, it would behoove them to go at once and beg his pardon.
SB 4.6.7 — Lord Brahmā said that no one — not even himself, Indra, all the members assembled in the sacrificial arena or all the sages — could know how powerful Lord Śiva is. Under the circumstances, who would dare to commit an offense at his lotus feet?

About the speaker

His Grace Narahari Prabhu

His Grace Narahari Prabhu

GBC Regional Secretary for ISKCON Hawaii

His Grace Narahari Prabhu is an initiating spiritual master and senior disciple of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhatktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.  He has been a pioneer of several successful projects within ISKCON such as ISKCON Miami and the first floating Hare Krsna temple,  “The Jaladuta II”, a 53 foot teawood ketch which, by his influence was donated to the Society in 1981.  He has held leadership positions in the community of devotees in Hawaii for many year and has built one of top wedding business in the State.  At present he the GBC Regional Secretary for ISKCON Hawaii. 

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