CC Ādi 1.35 Part II

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CC Ādi 1.35 Part I

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CC Ādi 1.19

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ŚB 4.19.3

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SB 4.18.14 – 16

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SB 4.16.2

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SB 4.14.33 – 37

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SB 4.12.46-48

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SB 4.12.35

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SB 4.12.6

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SB 4.11.1

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SB 4.9.20-21

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SB 4.9.14

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SB 4.9.7

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SB 4.8.73-78

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SB 4.8.62-64

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The Sky of the Heart

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii)   Seminar on July 18, 2019

SB 4.8.34

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SB 4.7.46

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SB 4.7.40

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SB 4.7.23 – 24

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SB 4.7.13

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SB 4.6.40 – 42

Lecture delivered by Bhakti Prabhupada-vrata Damodara Swami

SB 4.6.38

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SB 4.6.8 – 24

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SB 4.5.10

Lecture given by Ramananda

SB 4.3.23

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) November 19, 2018 SB 4.3.23 Text 23: I am always engaged in offering obeisances to Lord Vāsudeva in pure Kṛṣṇa consciousness. Kṛṣṇa consciousness is always pure consciousness, in which the Supreme Personality of Godhead, known as...

SB 4.3.5-8

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) November 5, 2018 SB 4.3.5-8 Texts 5-7: The chaste lady Satī, the daughter of Dakṣa, heard the heavenly denizens flying in the sky conversing about the great sacrifice being performed by her father. When she saw that from all directions...

SB 4.2.26 – 27

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) October 18, 2018 SB 4.2.26 - 27 Text 26: These brāhmaṇas take to education, austerity and vows only for the purpose of maintaining the body. They shall be devoid of discrimination between what to eat and what not to eat. They will...

SB 4.1.29 —55

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) September 24, 2018 SB 4.1.29 —55 Text 29: The great sage Maitreya continued: Upon hearing Atri Muni speak in that way, the three great deities smiled, and they replied in the following sweet words. Text 30: The three deities told Atri...

SB 3.33.31 — 34

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) September 4, 2018 SB 3.33.31 — 34 Text 31: The place where Devahūti achieved her perfection, my dear Vidura, is understood to be a most sacred spot. It is known all over the three worlds as Siddhapada. Text 32: Dear Vidura, the...

SB 3.33.15 — 18

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) August 20, 2018 SB 3.33.15 — 18 Text 15: The home and household paraphernalia of Kardama, who was one of the Prajāpatis, was developed in such a way, by dint of his mystic powers of austerity and yoga, that his opulence was sometimes...

Preface to Sad Darsana 

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) August 18, 2018 Preface to Sad Darsana Six Systems of Vedic Philosophy

SB 3.32.28

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) July 23, 2018 Text 28: Those who are averse to the Transcendence realize the Supreme Absolute Truth differently through speculative sense perception, and therefore, because of mistaken speculation, everything appears to them to be...

SB 3.32.16 — 18

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) July 10, 2018 SB 3.32.16 — Persons who are too addicted to this material world execute their prescribed duties very nicely and with great faith. They daily perform all such prescribed duties with attachment to the fruitive result. SB...

SB 3.32.6

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) July 2, 2018 SB 3.32.6 — By executing one’s occupational duties, acting with detachment and without a sense of proprietorship or false egoism, one is posted in one’s constitutional position by dint of complete purification of...

SB 3.31.22 —27

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) May 30, 2018 SB 3.31.22 — Lord Kapila continued: The ten-month-old living entity has these desires even while in the womb. But while he thus extols the Lord, the wind that helps parturition propels him forth with his face turned...


Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) May 21, 2018 SB 3.31.15 — The human soul further prays: The living entity is put under the influence of material nature and continues a hard struggle for existence on the path of repeated birth and death. This conditional life is due...

SB 3.29.43

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) April 4, 2018 SB 3.29.43 — Subject to the control of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the sky allows outer space to accommodate all the various planets, which hold innumerable living entities. The total universal body expands with...

SB 3.29.32

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) March 20, 2018 SB 3.29.32 — Better than the brāhmaṇa who knows the purpose of the Vedas is he who can dissipate all doubts, and better than him is one who strictly follows the brahminical principles. Better than him is one who is...

SB 3.29.14

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) February 26, 2018 SB 3.29.14 — By attaining the highest platform of devotional service, as I have explained, one can overcome the influence of the three modes of material nature and be situated in the transcendental stage, as is the...

SB 3.29.3

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) February 12, 2018 SB 3.29.3 — Devahūti continued: My dear Lord, please also describe in detail, both for me and for people in general, the continual process of birth and death, for by hearing of such calamities we may become detached...

SB 3.28.33 —34 App Day Sri Nityananda

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) January 29, 2018 SB 3.28.33 — With devotion steeped in love and affection, the yogī should meditate within the core of his heart upon the laughter of Lord Viṣṇu. The laughter of Viṣṇu is so captivating that it can be easily meditated...

Krsna’s Energies

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) January 27, 2018 Krsna's Energies  

SB 3.28.24

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) January 17, 2018 SB 3.28.24 — Next, the yogi should fix his mind in meditation on the Personality of Godhead’s thighs, the storehouse of all energy. The Lord’s thighs are whitish blue, like the luster of the linseed flower, and appear...

SB 3.26.47 — 49

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) November 1, 2017 SB 3.26.47 — The sense whose object of perception is sound is called the auditory sense, and that whose object of perception is touch is called the tactile sense. SB 3.26.48 — The sense whose object of perception is...

SB 3.26.31

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) October 19, 2017 SB 3.26.31 - Egoism in the mode of passion produces two kinds of senses: the senses for acquiring knowledge and the senses of action. The senses of action depend on the vital energy, and the senses for acquiring...

SB 3.26.18

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) October 5, 2017 SB 3.26.18 — By exhibiting His potencies, the Supreme Personality of Godhead adjusts all these different elements, keeping Himself within as the Supersoul and without as time.

SB 3.26.3 

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) September 19, 2017 SB 3.26.3  The Supreme Personality of Godhead is the Supreme Soul, and He has no beginning. He is transcendental to the material modes of nature and beyond the existence of this material world. He is perceivable...

SB 3.25.21

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) August 16, 2017 SB 3.25.21 — The symptoms of a sādhu are that he is tolerant, merciful and friendly to all living entities. He has no enemies, he is peaceful, he abides by the scriptures, and all his characteristics are sublime.

SB 3.24.44

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) July 18, 2017 SB 3.24.44 — Thus he gradually became unaffected by the false ego of material identity and became free from material affection. Undisturbed, equal to everyone and without duality, he could indeed see himself also. His...

SB 3.24.35

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) July 5, 2017 SB 3.24.35 — The Personality of Godhead Kapila said: Whatever I speak, whether directly or in the scriptures, is authoritative in all respects for the people of the world. O Muni, because I told you before that I would...

SB 3.24.30

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) June 28, 2017 SB 3.24.30 — Kardama Muni said: You, my dear Lord, who are always increasing the honor of Your devotees, have descended in my home just to fulfill Your word and disseminate the process of real knowledge.

SB 3.24.1 — 3

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) June 5, 2017 SB 3.24.1 — Recalling the words of Lord Viṣṇu, the merciful sage Kardama replied as follows to Svāyambhuva Manu’s praiseworthy daughter, Devahūti, who was speaking words full of renunciation. SB 3.24.2 —...

SB 3.22.8 — 11

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) April 6, 2017 SB 3.22.8 — O great sage, graciously be pleased to listen to the prayer of my humble self, for my mind is troubled by affection for my daughter. SB 3.22.9 — My daughter is the sister of Priyavrata and...

SB 3.21.25

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) March 7, 2017 SB 3.21.25 — The Emperor Svāyambhuva Manu, the son of Lord Brahmā, who is well known for his righteous acts, has his seat in Brahmāvarta and rules over the earth with its seven oceans.

SB 3.21.12

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) February 17, 2017 SB 3.21.12 — When Kardama Muni actually realized the Supreme Personality of Godhead in person, he was greatly satisfied because his transcendental desire was fulfilled. He fell on the ground with his head bowed...

SB 3.20.28

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) February 1, 2017 SB 3.20.28 — The Lord, who can distinctly see the minds of others, perceived Brahmā’s distress and said to him: “Cast off this impure body of yours.” Thus commanded by the Lord, Brahmā...

SB 3.20.19 —21

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) January 26, 2017 SB 3.20.19 — Out of disgust, Brahmā threw off the body of ignorance, and taking this opportunity, Yakṣas and Rākṣasas sprang for possession of the body, which continued to exist in the form of night....

SB 3.19.38

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) January 12, 2017 SB 3.19.38 — This most sacred narrative confers extraordinary merit, wealth, fame, longevity and all the objects of one’s desire. On the field of battle it promotes the strength of one’s...

SB 3.19.27

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) December 30, 2016 SB 3.19.27 — Aja [Brahmā] and others arrived on the spot to see the fearfully tusked demon lying on the ground, biting his lip. The glow of his face was yet unfaded, and Brahmā admiringly said: Oh, who could...

SB 3.18.8

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) December 12, 2016 SB 3.18.8 — The Lord placed the earth within His sight on the surface of the water and transferred to her His own energy in the form of the ability to float on the water. While the enemy stood looking on,...

SB 3.16.30 —-31

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) November 14, 2016 SB 3.16.30 — This departure from Vaikuṇṭha was foretold by Lakṣmī, the goddess of fortune. She was very angry because when she left My abode and then returned, you stopped her at the gate while I was sleeping....

SB 3.15.14

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) August 31, 2016 SB 3.15.14 — In the Vaikuṇṭha planets all the residents are similar in form to the Supreme Personality of Godhead. They all engage in devotional service to the Lord without desires for sense...

SB 3.14.41 

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) August 3, 2016 SB 3.14.41 — At that time the Lord of the universe, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is the well-wisher of all living entities, will descend and kill them, just as Indra smashes the mountains with his...

SB 3.14.26

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) July 21, 2016 SB 3.14.26 — Lord Śiva regards no one as his relative, yet there is no one who is not connected with him. He does not regard anyone as very favorable or abominable. We respectfully worship the remnants of his...

SB 3.13.46-50

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) June 24, 2016 SB 3.13.46 — The sage Maitreya said: The Lord, being thus worshiped by all the great sages and transcendentalists, touched the earth with His hooves and placed it on the water. SB 3.13.47 — In this manner the...

SB 3.13.13-17

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) June 8, 2016 SB 3.13.13 — The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Janārdana [Lord Kṛṣṇa], is the form to accept all the results of sacrifice. If He is not satisfied, then one’s labor for advancement is futile. He is...

SB 3.12.39 — 40

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) May 16, 2016   SB 3.12.39 — Then he created the fifth Veda — the Purāṇas and the histories — from all his mouths, since he could see all the past, present and future. SB 3.12.40 — All the different...

SB 3.12.12 —14

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) April 21, 2016 SB 3.12.12 — Lord Brahmā said: My dear boy Rudra, you have eleven other names: Manyu, Manu, Mahinasa, Mahān, Śiva, Ṛtadhvaja, Ugraretā, Bhava, Kāla, Vāmadeva and Dhṛtavrata. SB 3.12.13 — O Rudra,...

SB 3.11.29-31

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) April 4, 2016   SB 3.11.29 — When the night of Brahmā ensues, all the three worlds are out of sight, and the sun and the moon are without glare, just as in the due course of an ordinary night. SB 3.11.30 — The...

SB 3.11.23 — 28

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) April 1, 2016 SB 3.11.23 — After the end of Brahmā’s night, the creation of the three worlds begins again in the daytime of Brahmā, and they continue to exist through the life durations of fourteen consecutive Manus, or...

SB 3.10.22 — 26

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) March 23, 2016   SB 3.10.22 — O purest Vidura, of the lower animals the cow, goat, buffalo, kṛṣṇa stag, hog, gavaya animal, deer, lamb and camel all have cloven hooves. SB 3.10.23 — The horse, mule, ass, gaura, śarabha...

SB 3.10.11

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) March 10, 2016 SB 3.10.11 — Maitreya said: Eternal time is the primeval source of the interactions of the three modes of material nature. It is unchangeable and limitless, and it works as the instrument of the Supreme Personality...

SB 3.9.17

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) January 22, 2016 SB 3.9.17 — People in general all engage in foolish acts, not in the really beneficial activities enunciated directly by You for their guidance. As long as their tendency for foolish work remains...

Bg 10.27

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) December 29, 2015 Bg 10.27 — Of horses know Me to be Uccaiḥśravā, produced during the churning of the ocean for nectar. Of lordly elephants I am Airāvata, and among men I am the monarch.

Bg 10.24

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) December 22, 2015 Bg 10.24 — Of priests, O Arjuna, know Me to be the chief, Bṛhaspati. Of generals I am Kārttikeya, and of bodies of water I am the ocean.

Bg 10.21

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) December 14, 2015 Bg 10.21 — Of the Ādityas I am Viṣṇu, of lights I am the radiant sun, of the Maruts I am Marīci, and among the stars I am the moon.

Bg 10.19

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) December 8, 2015 Bg 10.19 — The Supreme Personality of Godhead said: Yes, I will tell you of My splendorous manifestations, but only of those which are prominent, O Arjuna, for My opulence is limitless.

CC Ādi 6.107 — 120

Bg 16.23 — He who discards scriptural injunctions and acts according to his own whims attains neither perfection, nor happiness, nor the supreme destination.

Bg 10.9

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) November 17, 2015 Bg 10.9 — The thoughts of My pure devotees dwell in Me, their lives are fully devoted to My service, and they derive great satisfaction and bliss from always enlightening one another and conversing about...

Bg 10.6

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) November 10, 2015 Bg 10.6 — The seven great sages and before them the four other great sages and the Manus [progenitors of mankind] come from Me, born from My mind, and all the living beings populating the various planets descend...


Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) November 9, 2015 Bg 10.4-5 — Intelligence, knowledge, freedom from doubt and delusion, forgiveness, truthfulness, control of the senses, control of the mind, happiness and distress, birth, death, fear, fearlessness, nonviolence,...

Bg 10.2

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) September 30, 2015 Bg 10.2 — Neither the hosts of demigods nor the great sages know My origin or opulences, for, in every respect, I am the source of the demigods and sages.

SB 3.6.11 -12

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) September 29, 2015   SB 3.6.11 — Maitreya said: You may now hear from me how the Supreme Lord separated Himself into the diverse forms of the demigods after the manifestation of the gigantic universal form. SB 3.6.12 —...

Bg 9.31

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) September 21, 2015 Bg 9.31 — He quickly becomes righteous and attains lasting peace. O son of Kuntī, declare it boldly that My devotee never perishes.

Bg 9.28

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) September 14, 2015 Bg 9.28 — In this way you will be freed from bondage to work and its auspicious and inauspicious results. With your mind fixed on Me in this principle of renunciation, you will be liberated and come to Me.

SB 3.5.48 – 49

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) September 9, 2015 SB 3.5.48 — O Original Person, we are therefore but Yours only. Although we are Your creatures, we are born one after another under the influence of the three modes of nature, and for this reason we are separated in...

Bg 9.25

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) September 7, 2015 Bg 9.25 — Those who worship the demigods will take birth among the demigods; those who worship the ancestors go to the ancestors; those who worship ghosts and spirits will take birth among such beings; and those who...

Bg 9.22

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) August 31, 2015 Bg 9.22 — But those who always worship Me with exclusive devotion, meditating on My transcendental form – to them I carry what they lack, and I preserve what they have.

SB 3.5.40

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) August 28, 2015 SB 3.5.40 — O Father, O Lord, O Personality of Godhead, the living entities in the material world can never have any happiness because they are overwhelmed by the three kinds of miseries. Therefore they take shelter of...

SB 3.5.29

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) August 19, 2015 SB 3.5.29 — Mahat-tattva, or the great causal truth, transforms into false ego, which is manifested in three phases — cause, effect and the doer. All such activities are on the mental plane and are based on the material...

Bg 9.15

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) August 12, 2015 Bg 9.15 — Others, who engage in sacrifice by the cultivation of knowledge, worship the Supreme Lord as the one without a second, as diverse in many, and in the universal form.

SB 3.5.18

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) August 5, 2015 SB 3.5.18 — Śrī Maitreya said: O Vidura, all glory unto you. You have inquired from me of the greatest of all goodness, and thus you have shown your mercy both to the world and to me because your mind is always absorbed...

Bg 9.9

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) July 29, 2015 Bg 9.9 — O Dhanañjaya, all this work cannot bind Me. I am ever detached from all these material activities, seated as though neutral.

Bg 9.6

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) July 22, 2015 Bg 9.6 — Understand that as the mighty wind, blowing everywhere, rests always in the sky, all created beings rest in Me.

Bg 9.3

Ramananda Dasa (Volcano, Hawaii) July 15, 2015 Bg 9.3 — Those who are not faithful in this devotional service cannot attain Me, O conqueror of enemies. Therefore they return to the path of birth and death in this material world.