Speaker: HH Kavicandra Swami

September 26, 2014

CC Ādi 4.246 “Although the entire creation is full of different tastes because of Me, I am charmed by the nectarean taste of the lips of Śrīmatī Rādhārāṇī.
CC Ādi 4.247 “And although My touch is cooler than ten million moons, I am refreshed by the touch of Śrīmatī Rādhikā.
CC Ādi 4.248 “Thus although I am the source of happiness for the entire world, the beauty and attributes of Śrī Rādhikā are My life and soul.
CC Ādi 4.249 “In this way My affectionate feelings for Śrīmatī Rādhārāṇī may be understood, but on analysis I find them contradictory.
CC Ādi 4.250 “My eyes are fully satisfied when I look upon Śrīmatī Rādhārāṇī, but by looking upon Me, She becomes even more advanced in satisfaction.
CC Ādi 4.251 “The flutelike murmur of the bamboos rubbing against one another steals Rādhārāṇī’s consciousness, for She thinks it to be the sound of My flute. And She embraces a tamāla tree, mistaking it for Me.
CC Ādi 4.252 “ ‘I have gotten the embrace of Śrī Kṛṣṇa,’ She thinks, ‘so now My life is fulfilled.’ Thus She remains immersed in pleasing Kṛṣṇa, taking the tree in Her arms.
CC Ādi 4.253 “When a favorable breeze carries to Her the fragrance of My body, She is blinded by love and tries to fly into that breeze.
CC Ādi 4.254 “When She tastes the betel chewed by Me, She merges in an ocean of joy and forgets everything else.
CC Ādi 4.255 “Even with hundreds of mouths I could not express the transcendental pleasure She derives from My association.
CC Ādi 4.256 “Seeing the luster of Her complexion after Our pastimes together, I forget My own identity in happiness.
CC Ādi 4.257 “The sage Bharata has said that the mellows of lover and beloved are equal. But he does not know the mellows of My Vṛndāvana.
CC Ādi 4.258 “The happiness I feel when meeting Rādhārāṇī is a hundred times greater than the happiness I get from meeting others.
CC Ādi 4.259 “ ‘My dear auspicious Rādhārāṇī, Your body is the source of all beauty. Your red lips are softer than the sense of immortal sweetness, Your face bears the aroma of a lotus flower, Your sweet words defeat the vibrations of the cuckoo, and Your limbs are cooler than the pulp of sandalwood. All My transcendental senses are overwhelmed in ecstatic pleasure by tasting You, who are completely decorated by beautiful qualities.’
CC Ādi 4.260 “ ‘Her eyes are enchanted by the beauty of Lord Kṛṣṇa, the enemy of Kaṁsa. Her body thrills in pleasure at His touch. Her ears are always attracted to His sweet voice, Her nostrils are enchanted by His fragrance, and Her tongue hankers for the nectar of His soft lips. She hangs down her lotuslike face, exercising self-control only by pretense, but She cannot help showing the external signs of Her spontaneous love for Lord Kṛṣṇa.’
CC Ādi 4.261 “Considering this, I can understand that some unknown mellow in Me controls the entire existence of My captivator, Śrīmatī Rādhārāṇī.
CC Ādi 4.262 “I am always eager to taste the joy that Rādhārāṇī derives from Me.
CC Ādi 4.263 “In spite of various efforts, I have not been able to taste it. But My desire to relish that pleasure increases as I smell its sweetness.
CC Ādi 4.264 “Formerly I appeared in the world to taste mellows, and I tasted the mellows of pure love in various ways.
CC Ādi 4.265 “I taught devotional service that springs from the devotees’ spontaneous love by demonstrating it with My pastimes.
CC Ādi 4.266 “But these three desires of Mine were not satisfied, for one cannot enjoy them in a contrary position.
CC Ādi 4.267 “Unless I accept the luster of the ecstatic love of Śrī Rādhikā, these three desires cannot be fulfilled.
CC Ādi 4.268 “Therefore, assuming Rādhārāṇī’s sentiments and bodily complexion, I shall descend to fulfill these three desires.”
CC Ādi 4.269 In this way Lord Kṛṣṇa came to a decision. Simultaneously, the time came for the incarnation of the age.
CC Ādi 4.270 At that time Śrī Advaita was earnestly worshiping Him. Advaita attracted Him with His loud calls.
CC Ādi 4.271-272 First Lord Kṛṣṇa made His parents and elders appear. Then Kṛṣṇa Himself, with the sentiments and complexion of Rādhikā, appeared in Navadvīpa, like the full moon, from the womb of mother Śacī, which is like an ocean of pure milk.
CC Ādi 4.273 Meditating on the lotus feet of Śrī Rūpa Gosvāmī, I have thus explained the sixth verse.
CC Ādi 4.274 I can support the explanation of these two verses [verses 5 and 6 of the first chapter] with a verse by Śrī Rūpa Gosvāmī.
CC Ādi 4.275 “Lord Kṛṣṇa desired to taste the limitless nectarean mellows of the love possessed by one of His multitude of loving damsels [Śrī Rādhā], and so He has assumed the form of Lord Caitanya. He has tasted that love while hiding His own dark complexion with Her effulgent yellow color. May that Lord Caitanya confer upon us His grace.”
CC Ādi 4.276 Thus the auspicious invocation, the essential nature of the truth of Lord Caitanya, and the need for His appearance have been set forth in six verses.
CC Ādi 4.277 Praying at the lotus feet of Śrī Rūpa and Śrī Raghunātha, always desiring their mercy, I, Kṛṣṇadāsa, narrate Śrī Caitanya-caritāmṛta, following in their footsteps.

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