Madan Mohan Prabhu

From a very young age,  Madan Mohan das  wanted to know objective truth and how things really work. He would intensely question the information received from the world, feeling dissatisfied and cheated with the answers. On a 1968 road trip from his hometown Baltimore to Los Angeles, a devotee on Sunset Strip gave him a maha-mantra card. He remembers chanting one round of japa at the Temple and noticing a change in his anxiety level. He also thought, “It wasn’t that complicated.”


Back in Baltimore, during his trainings with the National Guard, he remembers not fitting in and finding the mood there “crazy.” Finally, his faith in the general sanity of the world collapsed in 1970 when he said to the dean of his college, “The stuff you are teaching is not true,” to which the dean had replied, “We never said it was.” In that moment, a definitive quest for the meaning of life was born. Determined to find the truth, Madan Mohan prabhu and his then girlfriend  Vrindabaneshvari devi dasi  set out on a road trip in 1971. They ended up in Los Angeles visiting his brother who lived across the street from the Temple. “They look strange, but their food is good,” his brother had said about the devotees. Reading the  Bhagavad Gita As It Is  given to him by a devotee there, Mandan Mohan prabhu finally felt satisfied.


Taking Initiation:  In 1972, being convinced he had found what he always sought; he came back to Los Angeles and joined the Temple. That same year he was initiated by Srila Prabhupada
In 1973, Madan Mohan and Vrindabaneshvari prabhus got married. For a wedding present they received an RV from their parents, and with it ventured first to Miami and one year later to Gainesville, alongside Amarendra das . There they moved from a small apartment to an old sorority house and remodeled it into an ISKCON Temple. Among other things, they brought the lunch program at the University of Florida to a new level. The Gaura Nitai deities Who they installed in Gainesville are the same Lords now residing on our altar in Alachua. Later in 1981, he became Temple president here in Alachua which was then called the Gainesville Farm. Here, he and his wife noted the white, soft sands and came up with our current temple name: New Raman Reti.

Some other devotional service milestones include: In 1976, Madan Mohan prabhu designed and helped build the first house for householders in Mayapur which Srila Prabhupada had approved; from 1981-86, he taught and worked at the Bhaktivedanta Village Gurukula in Southern California; and from 1988-98, he ran a Center from his home in Grass Valley, California.

Desiring more devotee association, Madan Mohan prabhu and his family moved to New Raman Reti in 1998. Here he seems to be engaged in a unique type of service as the “general enlivener” to devotees with his original and practical Srimad Bhagavatam classes, conversations, and fixed daily presence. He believes one can advance nicely in Krishna Consciousness by being properly situated and engaging one’s natural inclinations. In that way, one is safe against Maya. Look for his book coming out in the near future, Getting to the Heart of the Matter, which he calls a utility to maximize everything using thoughtful and feeling introspection. It is sure to be replete with helpful analogies, allegories, and aphorisms – or as I call them, “Madan-Mohanisms.”

By Sridevi dasi