February 4, 2019 @ 6:00 AM – 7:00 AM Pacific/Honolulu Timezone

Damayanti Devi

SB 4.6.50 — My dear Lord Śiva, you are a shareholder of a portion of the sacrifice, and you are the giver of the result. The bad priests did not deliver your share, and therefore you destroyed everything, and the sacrifice remains unfinished. Now you can do the needful and take your rightful share.
SB 4.6.51 — My dear lord, by your mercy the performer of the sacrifice [King Dakṣa] may get back his life, Bhaga may get back his eyes, Bhṛgu his mustache, and Pūṣā his teeth.
SB 4.6.52 — O Lord Śiva, may the demigods and the priests whose limbs have been broken by your soldiers recover from the injuries by your grace.
SB 4.6.53 — O destroyer of the sacrifice, please take your portion of the sacrifice and let the sacrifice be completed by your grace.