Śrīmad Bhāgavatam Archived Recordings

Canto 1, Chapter 4

SB 1.4.32-33

Speaker: Damayanti Devi (Cottonwood, Arizona) March 5, 2013 SB 1.4.32 — As mentioned before, Nārada reached the cottage of Kṛṣṇa-dvaipāyana Vyāsa on the banks of the Sarasvatī just as Vyāsadeva was regretting his defects. SB 1.4.33 — At the auspicious arrival of Śrī...

SB 1.4.30-31

SB 1.2.33 — The Supersoul enters into the bodies of the created beings who are influenced by the modes of material nature and causes them to enjoy the effects of these modes by the subtle mind.

SB 1.4.26-29

Speaker: Vidagdha Madhava Prabhu March 1, 2013 SB 1.4.26 — O twice-born brāhmaṇas, still his mind was not satisfied, although he engaged himself in working for the total welfare of all people. SB 1.4.27 — Thus the sage, being dissatisfied at heart, at once began to...

SB 1.4.25

Speaker:  Govinda Datta Prabhu February 28, 2013 SB 1.4.25 — Out of compassion, the great sage thought it wise that this would enable men to achieve the ultimate goal of life. Thus he compiled the great historical narration called the Mahābhārata for women, laborers...

SB 1.4.24

Speaker : Ramananda Dasa February 27, 2013 SB 1.4.24 — Thus the great sage Vyāsadeva, who is very kind to the ignorant masses, edited the Vedas so they might be assimilated by less intellectual men. Listen to Recording:  

SB 1.4.20-23

Speaker: Balabhadra Prabhu February 26, 2013 SB 1.4.20 — The four divisions of the original sources of knowledge [the Vedas] were made separately. But the historical facts and authentic stories mentioned in the Purāṇas are called the fifth Veda. SB 1.4.21 — After the...

SB 1.4.19

Speaker: Gaudacandra Prabhu (Los Angeles, California) February 25, 2013 SB 1.4.19 — He saw that the sacrifices mentioned in the Vedas were means by which the people’s occupations could be purified. And to simplify the process he divided the one Veda into four, in...

SB 1.4.17-18

Speaker : Narahari Prabhu February 22, 2013 SB 1.4.17-18 — The great sage, who was fully equipped in knowledge, could see through his transcendental vision the deterioration of everything material due to the influence of the age. He could also see that the faithless...

SB 1.4.15-16

Speaker : Ramananda Dasa February 21, 2013 SB 1.4.15 — Once upon a time he [Vyāsadeva], as the sun rose, took his morning ablution in the waters of the Sarasvatī and sat alone to concentrate. SB 1.4.16 — The great sage Vyāsadeva saw anomalies in the duties of the...

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