SB 4.3.2

Narahari Prabhu (Honolulu, HI) October 31, 2018 SB 4.3.2 Text 2: When Lord Brahmā appointed Dakṣa the chief of all the Prajāpatis, the progenitors of population, Dakṣa became very much puffed up. 

SB 4.3.1

HH Bhakti Prabhupada-vrata Damodara Swami October 30, 2018 SB 4.3.1 Text 1: Maitreya continued: In this manner the tension between the father-in-law and son-in-law, Dakṣa and Lord Śiva, continued for a considerably long period.

SB 4.2.34 —35

Jaya Jagadisa Prabhu (Santa Cruz, CA) October 29, 2018 SB 4.2.34 —35 Text 34: The sage Maitreya continued: O Vidura, all the progenitors of the universal population thus executed a sacrifice for thousands of years, for sacrifice is the best way to worship the Supreme...

SB 4.2.33

Bhrigupati Prabhu (Los Angeles, CA) October 26, 2018 SB 4.2.33 Text 33: The sage Maitreya said: When such cursing and countercursing was going on between Lord Śiva’s followers and the parties of Dakṣa and Bhṛgu, Lord Śiva became very morose. Not saying anything, he...

SB 4.2.32

Madan Mohan Prabhu (Alachua, Florida) October 25, 2018 SB 4.2.32 Text 32: By blaspheming the principles of the Vedas, which are the pure and supreme path of the saintly persons, certainly you followers of Bhūtapati, Lord Śiva, will descend to the standard of atheism...